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Tactile Tales and The Coat of Many Colours

Multisensory storytelling for everyone

Cassandra has drawn from her unique background in psychology, circus, dance and disability to create Tactile Tales and The Coat of Many Colours - inclusive storytelling for adults and children with multiple and profound disabilities.

As a disabled person, Cassandra believes that storytelling should be for everyone; and that everyone should have the opportunity to engage with storytelling in their own way. As a professional storyteller, she has been committed to developing a model of inclusive interactive storytelling that invites all audiences to experience that freedom of expression.

This twenty year programme of research and development has culminated in:

  • Tactile Tales - inclusive storytelling performances
  • The Coat of Many Colours - inclusive storytelling training for educators, artists and carers

Tactile Tales - inclusive storytelling performances

Tactile Tales are: Stories brought to life through an extravagant and exquisite array of tactile, textile props, so the story can be seen, felt, heard and lived by all. All the props have been specially designed to be swung, stroked and shared so that the audience is immersed, involved and included in the creation of a story.

"I wanted Tactile Tales to show how adults and children with profound and multiple disabilities can be given the freedom to interact with and express their ideas through multisensory storytelling." explains Cassandra "Initially Tactile Tales was developed exclusively for disabled children, but as word of the stories has spread, the audiences have grown and grown, with international storytelling festivals including Tactile Tales as an event for everyone"

"I've seen many examples of stories told at children with complex needs but this is the first time I have seen stories truly shared with them - wonderful." Specialist Senior Educational Psychologist UK


Tactile Tales Crocodile

Tactile Tales Peacock

Tactil Tales Snake

Tactil Tales Snake

Tactil Tales Snake

The Coat of Many Colours - training in inclusive storytelling.

The Coat of Many Colours, has shared this inclusive process of devising and delivering inclusive storytelling with educators, artists and carers across the globe. The training covers:

  • Discovering - how to make storytelling a multi-sensory process and how to share stories sensitively and appropriately with any audience
  • Exploring - how to meet the specific needs of adults and children with severe physical, sensory, learning or communication disabilities through the medium of storytelling
  • Observing Tactile Tales in action, participating in practical skills training in storytelling and developing story-based learning resources and activities

The development of Tactile Tales and The Coat of Many Colours was funded by Arts Council England and the opportunity to tour internationally with these programmes was financed by British Council. Cassandra is hugely grateful for their support and that of all the people who have helped in the creation of this project.

'Simply fantastic' - Workshop Participant Malaysia

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