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About Cassandra



Performer, teacher, trainer and director

Since 1991, Cassandra's approach to storytelling, Stories in Motion, has taken her around the globe from the heart of the rainforest to the roof of the world, to work in temples and train stations, forests and festivals, in and out of theatres, festivals and schools, on land and at sea.

Inspired by Asian interweaving of art forms, she combines elements of circus, theatre and dance to create a style of storytelling that is truly her own.

As a solo artist she has toured nationally and internationally, including: Australia, Barbados, Hong Kong, Laos, Malaysia, Nepal, Singapore, Switzerland, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam.

As teacher and trainer, she has inspired children and adults to tell stories around the world. As a director she has: trained teenage apprentice storytellers, devised performances with casts of ninety children, directed solo and ensemble professional performances.

Above all as an artist she is committed to making storytelling as accessible as possible, to break down barriers and challenge discrimination. She has worked with disabled people, arts, health and environmental agencies, social services and children in care.


Cassandra Wye International Storyteller - Stories in motion 

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